We Love the Rain

This week at Backyard Harvest has been a rainy one. Despite the weather, work still needs to be done and the share still needs to be harvested. Thankfully we have volunteers at Backyard Harvest who are willing to get a little wet. The rain has been wonderful though for the fourth planting of lettuce we put in the ground last week, and all the beets and carrots that are popping up at the convent plot. All the plants are flourishing in this weather that is uncharacteristically wet and cool for July. The weeds are also doing well, and it is a challenge to keep up with them.

This week in the share there were raspberries! This is the first year we have been able to produce a pint for everyone. There were also zucchini in the share for the first time this summer too. The kale and chard are looking good as per usual. The lettuce is so amazing for this time of year, sometimes into July the lettuce can get bitter. All of the lettuce I’ve tasted thus far has been sweet. The first planting of arugula is done and the second planting was ready just in time for the share this week. The onions are sizing up and the potatoes are blooming.