What’s Right in Front of You

There are always so many things that need to be done right at the same time on the farm, sometimes it can be overwhelming! Fortunately when you slow down and live in the moment and focus on what’s right in front of you things get very enjoyable.

Because we farm in the city there are always people dropping by and saying hi or even asking for farming advice! If we choose to get so busy with all the work ahead of us we would never have time to sit and talk or go and see why the neighbours’ tomatoes are dying. Russ has taught us (the interns at Backyard Harvest) so many things along the way, but yesterday he showed us first hand the importance of taking time for other people despite the plans for the day and the long list of pressing things to be done.

As for an update on the crops and gardens, here goes….Firstly, let me just say that the carrots this year are amazing! We have the second planting coming up already! There are hundreds of feet of beets that need to be thinned but looking on the bright side they certainly came up well! The onions are ever so weedy despite our best efforts. Because onions don’t have wide leaves to shade the ground around them, weeds have a very easy time thriving. The garlic is looking great in all three locations, and all the scapes have been harvested. The fifth planting of lettuce is in the ground and doing well. Sadly, the sugar snap peas are done for this year, while they lasted there was a plentiful crop and they were enjoyed by many!! Raspberries are coming into season, we are anticipating a good harvest.