Food Shares

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a formal relationship between individuals and a farmer.   When you sign up for our CSA, you become a sharemember and receive a food share.

How Does Community-Supported Agriculture Work?

The farmer plans to grow a variety of vegetables and invites community members to help provide a guaranteed income by buying a food share in advance of the season.  Shares are offered in three different sizes and for 20 or 24 weeks to the sharemembers.  Sharemembers understand the success of any crop is dependent on various factors, many of which are beyond the farmer’s control. It is hoped that in any one year, if some crops happen to do poorly, others may produce well and therefore yield more abundantly.

What Kind of Food Comes in the Share?

Backyard Harvest grows all our vegetables according to organic principles.   We also incorporate some biodynamic methods.  Our CSA is not a food box program.  With the exception of a few times when we have bartered vegetables with a neighbour or CSA member for urban-grown fruit for the shares, everything in the share is grown on our farm lots


sharemembers-hamilton-community-supported-agricultureWe are now offering 2016 food shares.  Please contact us if you are interested in putting your name on a wait list.   Once Backyard Harvest confirms your membership, we will e-mail you an order form and invite you to submit your payment.    

2016 Sharemember Details

  • Some choice will be available between items in most share weeks.
  • Share pick-up is on Tuesdays in our Strathcona backyard starting 5 p.m.
  • Delivery is not available.
  • All shares will likely begin June 7, spring climate depending. 
  • You will be notified in late May as to the start date.
  • 24-week shares extend longer into the fall.
  • Discounts or refunds are not available for missed weeks.
  • Please find a friend to pick-up and use your share that week, or give us one week notice to make alternate arrangements (i.e. pick up at Locke Street let us know if you need to pick your share up at the Locke Street Farmers’ Market on a Saturday).

2016 Share Prices

Small (average 5 items)

20 weeks: $350.00
24 weeks: $420.00

Medium (average 7 items)

20 weeks: $455.00
24 weeks: $546.00

Large (average 10 items)

20 weeks: $600.00
24 weeks: $720.00

A share with 14 weekly items is available by request.   Ask us for details!