In the Community

The Gardner- Russ 60 x 30 Oil on canvas_6_850
The Gardner, Russ
by Hamilton artist Christina Sealey
60 x 30, oil on canvas

Eat Local – Really Local
by Jason Allen | RAISE THE HAMMER
Russ Ohrt at Backyard Harvest brings ‘local’ to a whole new level, taking his extensive farming experience and adapting it to the big city.

Glorious Greens
I hired Ohrt of Backyard Harvest because of his experience in urban farming. He hauled away debris, designed and dug beds, installed a patio, corrected drainage and trucked in organic cow manure.

“We love experiencing the changing seasons through the delicious and fresh food we get each week from Backyard Harvest. Our children have learned about cycles as we talk as a family about our food.

By participating in the CSA, we sometimes get vegetables that we might not think to buy at the grocery store, and our family has found many new and yummy recipes as we figure out how best to enjoy different vegetables.

We enjoy making an event of Tuesday nights when we pick up our share from Russ, and we often go for a picnic in the park nearby with other families and then get our share. It’s fun to create community around food.”

Fiona, Sharemember